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The wine company Royal Khvanchkara was founded in 2015.

The history of Khvanchkara wine began centuries ago. The oldest methods of Rachan winemaking were perfected in the 19th century with the help of Rachian nobles Dimitri and Luarsab Kipiani, which is how the well-known Kipiani Wine was created, nowadays known as Khvanchkara.

The main challenge for the Royal Khvanchkara wine company was the revival of the rich culture of Rachan winemaking and the preservation of the knowledge and experience which had been gained throughout the years. The company now honorably continues that unique tradition. Vineyards planted on carefully selected areas and thoroughly cared for, sophisticated technology and professionalism make up the secret of Royal Khvanchkara’s soft and velvety wine.


Contact Information
Winery: Ambrolauri, Kostava Street 13 +(995 439) 22 12 04;
Office: Tbilisi, 2 Station Square +(995 322) 95 11 34
Export Manager +(995 599) 961 505
Sales manager +(995 599) 897 800
Booking wine tours +(995) 555 227 982