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Vineyards in Racha

Racha differs from Georgia’s other regions for its unique vines and rich, interesting wines. The vineyards are spread across limited territory but the variety is impressive. There are known to be 59 Rachan vine sorts. The art of viniculture and winemaking were passed down from generation to generation. They say a Rachan can hear the breath of the vineyard and can speak with the vine as if it were a person. Even today in daily conversation, compliments are often sent to a family’s vineyard as well as to the family members.

Ancient Local Sorts

The vineyards of Royal Khvanchkara boast 18 hectares in five Rachan villages: Sadmelis Chala, Qoveli, Tola, Zhoshkha and Chkvishi. The location of the vineyards is ideal for the ancient local sorts – Aleksandrouli, Mujuretuli, Usakhelauri and Tsolikouri. The vine grown on the right bank of the Rioni River on the south-west slopes, at 780-800 meters above sea level, gives the highest quality harvest.  The perfect combination of climate and soil gifts the grape exceptional properties. Mild temperature, humidity, crystal clear air and the number of sunny days further define the unique taste.

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